Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok. So our computer is super slow, so I dread getting on it....If anyone is out there who still cares to check on us every once in while, here you go.

We've officially spent a full year in our new house and it turns out that there are some downpoints to owning your own home. For example: Your water heater dies on a Saturday night in Soda Springs (no stores open past nine - it's an ungodly hour), you suddenly come to the realization that you have no money for a new water heater, or fence, or to finish your basement that you have so many big plans for, or that you need rain gutters after the giant rainstorms in June. You get the point. But it's worth it. Our kids love having a home and so do we. We'll just have to learn to be patient and pray for a raise.

We had a busy summer that was spent mostly doing the community play "Hello Dolly". Daniel had a good part as Barnaby and I was just a pregnant background person. Gwen was involved in the preshow and she loves being on stage - just like dad. I would have preferred to spend my summer doing other things like biking, frisbee golfing, camping and going to Bear Lake. I feel like we missed out on that stuff and spent way to much time away from our kids. We did get to judge the Empey family cook off at their reunion at Bear Lake which was a culinary delight.

Which brings me to my next subject: Daniel and I are expecting our third child in November. It's a boy, we've been arguing about names for months now. He's a big boy just like his siblings. I'm at 31 weeks and I'm measuring two weeks ahead and my doctor thinks he's around 5 1/2 pounds. Ya, I'm not going 9 more about 6?

Lately, Daniel has been working a shutdown to earn some money for the baby. He's finally done with it, so now we have to get things done around the house that have been neglected. Gwen started Kindergarten which is crazy for me - How did she get that old! Gavin is in preschool too. There at opposite times so I get to spend some time with each of them individually before the baby gets here. I'm just plugging along and getting bigger.

Well, that's the short version obviously, but maybe later I can post some more info with some pictures. But, don't hold your breath.....